18. Processing specs – Характеристики обработки

Input Processing
64  Input  Processing Channels Configurable mono or stereo
Trim +/-24dB digital trim
Polarity Normal/Reverse
Stereo Width Control  L/R, R/L, L -Pol/R, R -Pol/L, Mono, L/L, R,R, M/S
High Pass Filte 12dB/18/24dB  octave  20Hz  –  2kHz, switchable in/out
Low Pass Filter 12dB octave 20Hz – 20kHz, switchable in/out
Insert Assign  to  any  sockets,  In/Out,  +4dBu/-10dBV level
2  insert points per channel: Post Gate,  Pre-Delay
Delay Up to 340ms, in/out control
Sidechain Self-key + any source selectable,  In/Out, Sel ‘listen
Sidechain Lo-Cut Filter 12dB/octave, Freq 20Hz – 5kHz
Sidechain Hi-Cut Filter 12dB/octave, Freq 120Hz – 20kHz
Threshold -72dBu to +12dBu
Depth 0 to 60 dB
Attack 50us to 300ms
Hold 10ms to 5s
Release 10ms to 1s
Type 4-Band fully parametric, +/-15dB
Frequency Range Global  setting  for  Inputs  =  20-20kHz  or ‘Analogue setup’
Analogue Range setup 20-200Hz, 35-1kHz, 500-15kHz, 2k-20kH
Band 1 Selectable LF Shelving, Bell, Hi-Pass
Band 2 Bell
Band 3 Bell
Band 4 Selectable HF Shelving, Bell, Lo-Pass
Bell Width Non-constant Q, variable, 1.5 to 1/9th octave
Shelving Type Classic Baxandall
Hi-Pass,  Lo-Pass  Filter selectable 12dB/octave
Band in/out per channel
Compressor pre/post PEQ, on a per channel basis
Sidechain Self key + any source selectable, In/Out, Sel ‘listen’
Sidechain Lo-Cut Filter 12dB/octave, Freq 20Hz – 5kHz
Sidechain Hi-Cut Filte 12dB/octave, Freq 120Hz – 20kHz
Threshold -46dBu to 18dBu
Compressor parameters Thres,  Ratio,  Attack,  Release,  Knee  –  type dependan
Types/Models Various  peak  and  RMS  based  Compressor models
Parallel Compression Wet/Dry control




Channel Direct Out Individual Trim (per channel)
Options Source, follow Fader, follow Mute (global fo all) Source points globally selectable
Mix Processing
42 Mix Processing Channels Configure as mono/stereo Groups, Aux, Main, Matrix, PAFL
Main mix modes None, LR, LCR, LR+MSum, LR+M
External Input to Mix Assignable source
Trim +/-24dB digital trim
Polarity Normal/Reverse
Insert Assign  to  any  sockets,  In/Out,  +4dBu/- 10dBV level 1 insert point per channel: Pre-EQ
GEQ 28 bands 31Hz -16kHz, +/-12dB
Type Constant-Q, Proportional-Q, digiGEQ, hybrid
Gain Frequencies displayed on LCD strip
PEQ as input channel
Compressor as input channel
Delay Up to 680ms, in/out
FX Processing 12x RackFX engine, internal module
Mode Send>Return,  Inserted,  Daisy  Chain  FX, direct to output
FX Returns
12 Stereo dedicated returns Fader,  Pan,  Mute,  Routing  to  Grp,  Aux,  FX, Main. 4-band PEQ on each return
Talkback Assignable source
High Pass Filter 12dB/octave, 20Hz-400Hz
Routing To Groups, Aux, Main, Matrix
Signal Generator Sine,  White  Noise,  Pink  Noise,  Bandpass Noise
Sine, Bandpass sweep 20-20kHz
Controls Level, Mute
Routing To Groups, Aux, Main, Matrix
RTA 31-Band 1/3 octave 20-20kHz
Source Follows selected PAFL source
Peak Band Indication Option to display dominant frequency
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